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Becoming an Annual or Door Prize Program Sponsor is a great investment!

Your firm will be exposed to decision-makers from major design and construction firms at programs and social events throughout the year. Our membership includes owners, principals, senior marketers and business developers.

If you look at the number of people our mailings go to and the frequency of mailings; where else will you have a captive target audience for pennies per person? It’s an affordable way to build your brand exposure!

NEW! Sponsorship opportunities are now being offered for our new series of Educational Workshops. The cost to sponsor one  workshop in the series is $200. Consider maximizing your firms exposure by sponsoring all the workshops currently scheduled – The cost will be $600, a savings of $200!!

For a complete list of our sponsorship opportunities and to learn about their benefits visit our new sponsorship catalog! Our catalog allows you to purchase your sponsorship by credit card directly from our website. For more information contact our Sponsorship Committee.


Benefits of Sponsorship

Let’s look at the math — our mailings go to more than 600 decision-makers within the A/E/C industry; on average, we email program notices and reminders 30-45 times a year; newsletters 4 times a year; and drive people to our Web site through our communications by providing useful, constantly updated information. That’s nearly 30,000 opportunities to be seen by an audience important to your business! The following is a list of benefits available to you depending on your level of participation. Click here for a full benefit breakdown by sponsorship type.

• Event announcement mailings
• Event e-mail reminders
• Complimentary program registration
• Website notice and a hyperlink from
• Introduction and recognition at events
• Name/Logo on Event Program Handouts
• Recognition in our chapter newsletter

Purchase your sponsorship today!