Calling All Mentors and Protégés!

One of the foundations of SMPS Connecticut is our open, fair, and reciprocal environment where ideas and knowledge are shared by members in order to enhance the AEC industry through a collaborative, yet competitive environment. The Mentor Program of SMPS Connecticut is designed to offer members an opportunity to participate in a truly meaningful relationship focused on personal growth and professional development. Whether you are a senior level marketing or business development professional or an entry-level recent college graduate, this program will provide important benefits for participation. Some of these benefits will enable you to:

• Share your expertise
• Demonstrate leadership
• Expand your professional network
• Invest in the future of the AEC Industry
• Obtain a fresh perspective / re-energize
• Invest in the career of others

• Learn about other areas of the industry
• Expand your leadership abilities
• Make valuable contacts
• Learn and grow professionally
• Develop an area of technical expertise

Download our application and apply today!

Please contact the Leadership Committee Chairperson if you’re interested in participating as either a Mentor or Protégé.