Lending Library

As a special benefit to SMPS Connecticut members, we offer an exclusive library of publications devoted to marketing in the A/E/C industry. General business publications with relevance to our industry are also available. Please let us know if you have any recommendations or titles you’d like to see in our library.

Check Out Procedures:

Please send an email to Jessica Osborne  with your selection(s).  A confirmation email will be sent to you with a pick-up date for your materials. If an item is currently unavailable, the requested book will be placed on hold for you and you will be notified when it’s ready for pick-up.

Pick-up/Drop-off Material:

Books can be picked up at BL Companies (355 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT 06450), or at an upcoming SMPS CT event/program. Other arrangements can also be made.

Check-out Requirements:

Each publication is available for loan up to four weeks to any current SMPS CT member from date of check out. In an effort to provide as many members as possible with access to the library materials, a limit of two books per member is permitted at any one time.

Donate Books & Materials Today!

We are looking to expand our library! Please consider donating books, articles or other materials to help your fellow marketers expand their skills and knowledge. Please contact Jessica Osborne to make a donation: [email protected].

Items Available to Borrow:


  1. SMPS: Become a Creative Superhero: How to Boost Your Creativity (August 2011)


Author Title #Copies
Baer, Jay Hug Your Haters 1
Breen, George and Blankenship, A.B. Do-It-Yourself Marketing Research, Third Edition 1
Brzezinski, Mika Knowing Your Value 2
Cain, Susan Quiet the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking  1
Chelette, Beate Happy Woman Happy World  1
Clockwork Design Group, Inc. Tips, Tricks & Tidbits for Marketing Executives forced, Against Their Will, to be Graphic Designers, Design Tips 1
Collins, Jim Good to Great 1
Covey, Stephen R. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  1
Cyd, Leela Styling for Instagram 1
Godin, Seth Purple Cow-Transform Your business by Being Remarkable 1
Halligan, Brian/ Dharmesh, Shah Inbound Marketing- Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers Online  1
Handal, Matt Proposal Development Secrets, Win More, Work Smarter, & Get Home 3
Harding, Ford Rain Making-The Professional’s Guide to Attracting New Clients  1
Holtz, Herman The Consultant’s Guide to Proposal Writing  1
Huffington, Arianna Thrive-The Third Metric to Redefining success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder  1
Jacques, Richard G. It’s About Us THEM Building the Market-Driven Organization  2
Karia, Akash Ted Talks Storytelling 1
Park, Craig The Architecture of Value 1
Quebe, Lisbeth Plan It A Down-to-Earth Guide to Market Planning and Budgeting in the Design & Construction Industries 1
Robert III, Henry M. Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, Newly Revised 1
Scott, David Meerman The New Rules of Marketing and PR  1
Sheridan, Marcus They Ask You Answer 1
Sobel, Andrew/ Panas, Jerold Power Questions 1
Stone, David A. Marketing in the 21st Century for Design Professionals  1
Sweeny, Allen Accounting Fundamentals for Nonfinancial Executives and Managers  1
Vaynerchuk, Gary  Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook 1
Zweig, Mark C. Even More Management Ideas that Work!  1
Zweig, Mark C. Management Ideas that Work!  1
Zweig, Mark C. More Management Ideas that Work! 1
Zweig, Mark C. Still More Management Ideas that Work!   1
Zweig, Mark C. Volume 4, The New Management Ideas that Work!  1
ZweigWhite Solved the 10 Biggest Issues Facing the A/E Industry  1
  Dezeen Book of Interviews, Collection of Interviews  1
  Read This If You Want To Be Instagram Famous 1
  Roget's II The New Thesaurus, Third Edition 1
  SMPS - Become a Creative Superhero: How to Boost Your Creativity, CD's 1
  The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th Edition 1