How to be a Rainmaker: Recruiting New Clients

April 28, 2021
1:00 PM EDT - 2:00 PM EDT
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Virtual Workshop


Learn from business leaders about the best practices among professional services firms around recruiting new clients and expanding mandates within existing clients.

Highlights include:

  • How Clients Buy:
    • How thinking about “how clients buy” is a more productive perspective
    • How “shrinking the pond” and niching your practice produces results
    • How to support prospects in the journey from potential buyer to client by evaluating the seven elements of how clients buy
  • Never Say Sell:
    • Why expanding your reach within a client is difficult
    • How to scale credibility
    • How to find success with broad cross-selling



Jacob Parks is President and Partner for Profitable Ideas Exchange, and he is responsible for day-to-day operations including service delivery, workforce management, and business development. He has led groups of Chief Operating Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Information Officers, and others on behalf of a variety of clients including Accenture, CSC, Protiviti, SAP, Thomson Reuters, McKinsey, Deloitte, Pfizer, CapGemini, and 3M. Mr. Parks is also responsible for overseeing PIE’s research and thought leadership division which contributes to premier publications throughout the globe. He is the author of Never Say Sell (Wiley, 2020), a guide for professional services firms on how they can expand their commercial relationships with clients. He has served as an adjunct professor of business at Montana State University, earned an MBA at Gonzaga University, and is a frequent speaker at business events. He can be reached at [email protected]

Tom McMakin is Chief Executive Officer and Partner of Profitable Ideas Exchange. Before joining PIE, he was a co-founder and Managing Director with Orchard Holdings Group, a private equity firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio as well as serving as an Operating Affiliate at McCown DeLeeuw and TSG Consumer, two consumer-focused buyout groups in San Francisco. Prior to working in private equity, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Great Harvest Bread Co., a multi-unit operator of bread stores based in Dillon, Montana. Tom is the author of Never Say Sell (Wiley, 2020), a guide for professional services firms on how they can expand their commercial relationships with clients, How Clients Buy (Wiley, 2018), a guide to business development for professional services firms, as well as Bread and Butter, (St. Martin’s Press, 2001) a book that describes his work at Great Harvest and how he and his team created a nationally recognized corporate learning community and culture of best practices using collaborative networks. He has appeared on the pages of Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Newsweek, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal. Tom is a graduate of Oberlin College, completed executive education at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and is a Goldman Sachs Scholar. Tom regularly speaks before professional services firms and can be reached at [email protected]

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Each attendee will receive two free books with attendance – a copy of How Clients Buy & Never Say Sell

How Clients Buy is a survival guide for the expert service professional, helping you up your game by schooling you in the secrets of finding, connecting with, and building lasting professional relationships with the clients you want and deserve. How Clients Buy reveals proven strategies and techniques for generating leads, pre-qualifying them, connecting with prospects, and closing the deal. World-class rainmakers leverage their deep knowledge in the ways of how clients buy to deploy a set of sophisticated strategies and techniques for propelling the buying journey. The most important investment you’ll make in your business development journey, How Clients Buy arms you with expert knowledge and to connect with high-quality clients and build the practice of your dreams.

Never Say Sell is a sought-after sequel from readers of How Clients Buy, which dives into the secret of winning new work in professional services. Authors Tom McMakin and Jacob Parks realized there was a follow-up query to How Clients Buy that needed to be untangled. Professional services firms report 80% – 90% of year-over-year revenue growth comes from expanded work with current clients, rather than net new logos. So, the question then is how do you grow work within existing clients?Never Say Sell unlocks an important mentality on selling in the professional services industry, which is that you should not actually be selling at all – if you are doing it right.

Location: The comfort of your home, office or mobile device.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): This program is eligible for 1 SMPS CEU credit under Domain 3: Client & Business Development.

Registration: Register by April 27, 2021, 5:00 PM EST. Registrants will receive an access link via email the morning of the program.

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