5/5/2021 Be Prepared: Develop Your Systems, Procedures And Protocols Before A Crisis Sponsorship


1 Available

$250 for non-annual sponsors

$200 for annual sponsors - please contact [email protected] prior to purchasing for price adjustment.

  • Available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Limited to one Virtual Program sponsor per program.
  • Firm's logo will appear on all virtual program-specific communication.
  • During the program your firm will receive verbal recognition and your logo will appear on the screen
  • 1 Free registration to the virtual program is included
  • Opportunity to present a small introduction of your firm/services/projects is available depending on the virtual platform. If opportunity to speak is not available, sponsoring firm can submit a written statement, up to 250 words, that will be read by the program moderator.
  • Cost includes a $50 gift card to be raffled off to virtual program attendees.