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Are You Doing Enough To Grow Your Audience?

We are in the age of micromedia. This means it doesn’t take us more than a split second to decide to either engage or to change channels, keep scrolling, swipe left or close a tab.

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Stop Being a Bad Manager

Being a manager is not easy. It requires you to mobilize your team to achieve results while helping each employee maximize his or her potential.

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Giving a Virtual Presentation? Don't "Wing It" 

Whether your virtual presentation is a teleconference or webinar, it’s important that you prepare and practice it so that you can be successful.  Just showing up and “winging it” – delivering a presentation without preparation - will not work. 

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Body Language When Presenting - Gestures and Movement 

When communicating, your body language (facial expressions, gestures, movement, eye contact and voice) should match your message. If there is a disconnect between what you say and your non-verbal communications, your audience will believe your non-verbals

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Management by Walking Around (MBWA), or Please Don't "Prowl, Growl and Scowl" 

Management by walking around (MBWA) is a common management practice that can be very helpful in managing and engaging employees, setting a good example, and staying in touch with what's really happening with employees. 

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How to Introduce Yourself Quickly

Learn some quick tips from Gilda Bonanno on how to introduce yourself at networking events.

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