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Murphy's Law of Presenting With Technology

Murphy’s Law states that whatever can go wrong, will.  And when you’re giving a presentation using any kind of technology, from a projector to a phone, Murphy’s Law definitely applies.  

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Mechanics of Marketing: SMPS CT Hosts Digital Marketing Workshop

Has your firm gone digital? Sure, you have a website and are active on social media. But are those expertly crafted email blasts and creative content giving your marketing efforts the boost you expected? Join SMPS CT on Wednesday, April 25th at the Courty

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LAUGH IT UP! SMPS CT Hosts Comedy Night

You don’t have to be a fuzz ball to laugh it up with the Sea Tea Improv Touring Company. Join SMPS CT on Wednesday, April 18th at the Sea Tea Comedy Theater, 15 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT, for an evening of frivolity guaranteed to chase those tax filing

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Marketing and Human Resources: Breaking Through Traditional Roles

When we think of where job postings come from, human resources is typically the first department to come to mind. Until recently, I thought the same.

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