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Webinar: Virtual Short List Interviewing - From Surviving to Thriving

If you’re like our team, you’ve been in quarantine or “sheltering in place” for months, well we’ve decided it’s time to ditch the survival mode and start to prosper again. After all, there’s a cost we all pay when living to survive, one that isn’t sustainable for an extended period of time. This webinar will give you the tools you need to get back to thriving in this digital world we find ourselves living in and relying on more than ever. Before we can prosper, we must first accept that life as we know it has changed then adapt to the change and embrace our new life. If you are questioning whether you’re in survival mode, attend this webinar to learn the six common signs to look for to know that it’s time for change. We’ve got four steps to help you take control and start to thrive again! Our hope is that each and every one of us can embrace our virtual environment and, use the resources we’ve been given and get back to prospering.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the six common signs you are in survival mode
  • Gain resources to be proactive and successful in a virtual environment
  • Master the four steps to take control and start to prosper again

Thank you to our webinar sponsor, Gilbane!


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