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Time Flies, but Memories Last Forever

Once Upon a Time in ‘95

Given today’s #SMPSCT week theme, we thought it would be fun to connect with a long-standing member to learn about his/her favorite SMPS CT memory. Maria Loitz is the Chief Marketing Officer for BVH Integrates Services and has been a member of SMPS CT since 1995. Over the years she has served on various committees, the board and is a past president. Maria is a certified professional services marketer (CPSM) and recently became an SMPS Fellow. This year will start her first year as our Chapter’s Champion. She’ll act as the Chapter’s advisor on high level initiatives and strategic goals. Below is what she had to share.

Time flies, but memories last forever.

In December, I will celebrate the 25th anniversary of attending my first SMPS program. I’ve learned so much over the years, but it’s the relationships I have made that mean the most. The first person I met at that luncheon at the Farmington Country Club — Jeff Gutsfeld! And then a few minutes later, I met another newbie like myself, Bernice Bako. How lucky was I!

Throughout the years, I’ve been fortunate to have incredible mentors, including Terry Casey and Pat Bilotto. Appreciating the value of mentorship, I now enjoy being a mentor and supporting others in their growth, including Nichole Petersen, SMPS CT President. From fireside chats to book recommendations, lunch meetings, or a quick phone call, being a Fellow in SMPS has motivated me to help others even more. 

My involvement in SMPS has sparked my passion, provided the foundation for my success with life-long friendships and memories, and for that, I am grateful.

A lot to be proud of

Maria came up through SMPS in a time when program calendars were mailed instead of emailed and registration was taken by phone or a form sent in by the mail. It is important for us to recognize what happened in the past so we can recognize how far we’ve come not only in this organization but in the industry. Without the dedication and guidance of members like Maria, our Chapter would not be where it is today.

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