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#SMPSCTWeek2020: Chris Abel

Prior to my current position as the Membership Director of the Connecticut Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, I had no experience with associations, let alone committees and boards. I often use the statement “You don’t know what you don’t know," and now knowing what the world of associations and committee involvement has to offer, it feels like a breath of fresh air in regard to my ability to further open doors through networking and reach new heights in my career with ABC through collaborating with organizations such as SMPS. 

was first introduced to SMPS by a few members who are also involved with ABC. Although it was only a year ago, given what 2020 has brought so far, it feels like a decade since I first looked at the SMPS website to learn more about yet another set of letters. I failed to mention earlier that not only was I new to associations, but also the construction industry. If there is one thing all of us in the A/E/C industry can agree on, it is that there is no shortage of acronyms. We remember our own! We try to remember others! And in the end, we have all probably offended some VIPs by not crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s when it came to knowing our ABC’s from our XYZ’s! At the end of the day, learning what SMPS CT stood for was only the beginning of what interested me in becoming a member.

Shortly after doing some research and speaking with some other members, I decided to attend the Win More Work Summit and agreed to have ABC become a Collaborating Sponsor for the event as well. WMW was great! There was good energy, plenty of familiar faces, but even more new people to meet. I had already made my decision to join, but also made the very crucial mistake of telling friend and SMPS Connecticut President at the time, Nichole Peterson, to bother me if she did not see a membership application come in from me soon. Considering that I am writing this, you can imagine that Nichole did just that…and I am truly thankful that she did.  I could not be happier to be involved with such a great organization and I am extremely excited about recently joining the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force to help expand SMPS Connecticut’s existing membership base and increase Chapter participation to include more technical professionals, including men and women from diverse cultural backgrounds. The future for
                                                                         SMPS CT is bright and I’m proud to be a part of it!

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  1. Nichole Petersen

    Oct. 8, 2020

    I'm so proud of the collaboration within CT's A/E/C organizations. Thank you, Chris, for being an SMPS CT supporter and shouting it from the rooftops. Here's to many more collaboration opportunities! Great blog.


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