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Mechanics of Marketing Webinar Series: Responding to RFPS, Going Beyond the Submittal Requirements

Lindsey Mathieu, Owner - of Golden Egg Concepts, leads our second session of the Mechanics of Marketing Series. A critical part of the AEC sales cycle involves the laborious process of responding to formal Requests for Proposals (RFPs). RFPs come in all variations – with the proposal format typically dictated by submittal instructions provided to bidders. Learn how to extract what’s really important to decision makers and how to convey your firm’s understanding of what the client really wants in the context of the stated requirements and restrictions.

This session covers: -

  • The variation in RFP processes and formats
  • Tips for uncovering what’s really important to clients
  • Responding to both stated vs. not-so-stated requirements
  • Ways to tailor boiler plate materials for stronger proposals

Thank you to our webinar sponsor, BVH Integrated Services!

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