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Event Recap: Welcome to Coach U - Teaching Presentation Skills the Graceworks Way

Carol Doscher, President and CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) of Graceworks led the first SMPS CT program of 2019 - Welcome to Coach U: Teaching Presentation Skills the Graceworks Way. As marketing professionals, we are often faced with the challenge of successfully leading our teams during interview preparation. Carol shared her process of preparing a confident team that's ready to knock it out of the park come interview day. Top of the list was the importance of putting the client first, and focusing on 'what's going to help the listener?' as the basis for decision making through the preparation process. The attendees of our program were taken through the steps of developing compelling story boards, while making sure to address the client's main concerns. 

As coaches, it is our responsibility to accentuate the positive in our teams, and provide constructive input. To help our attendees with this task, Carol provided tips and tricks and how to address common interview mishaps and how to best utilize practice time, such as putting story ahead of graphics, and not being afraid of 'ugly rehearsals.' 

Ultimately, the key takeaways included:

  • Make it about your client
  • Strategize and develop a story before you develop the graphics
  • Practice out loud - don't be afraid of 'ugly' rehearsals 
  • Body language is key

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