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Event Recap: SMPS CT New Member Social

SMPS CT New Member Social

Last week, SMPS CT hosted a New Member Social. Members who have joined since 2018 were invited to the Nook Farm Café at the Mark Twain House for refreshments and a chance to chat about their SMPS membership, what it means, and its many offers. 

The social began with an introduction from Nichole Petersen, the President-elect, and followed with each member introducing themselves, sharing their role and company, and answering the icebreaker found on the back of their nametag. After answering questions like "If you had to eat the same food for the rest of your life, what would it be?" and "What's three non-work-related goals you have?", new members discussed what they'd like to see at and learn from future events. Board members explained ways to take advantage of a SMPS membership, and the resources, education and networking opportunites it provides. The social closed with a raffle where members had a chance to win some SMPS goodies. 

From the shared laughter and frequent nods of agreement, it was clear the New Member Social was a success.

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