Marketing and Human Resources: Breaking Through Traditional Roles

Allison Puzycki, Director of Marketing at CES
SMPS CT Job Bank Chair

A carefully crafted job posting that puts a company’s purpose at the forefront can have a profound effect on attracting the right candidates for your team. When we think of where job postings come from, human resources is typically the first department to come to mind. Until recently, I thought the same. SMPS issued a report highlighting The Pinnacle Experience conference and that’s when I read about Nicole La’s presentation entitled Unconventional Marketing Leadership. The report describes how Nicole moved from a marketing position at TEECOM to a hybrid marketing / human resource role, which TEECOM defines as an Experience Director. This role was created to address the company’s core business initiatives: improving the employee experience, the talent experience (recruitment) and the client experience.  As Nicole puts it, “Recruiting is marketing for people”. When these two disparate functions, Marketing and HR, join forces much more is possible. Culture serves the purpose – simple things like a job description explain why a team gets up every day to work together and it makes you want to rise with them. Nicole’s article on Maintaining Culture and Engagement in a High-Growth Company is an insightful example of effective, unconventional leadership.

So, what else is possible when we break through traditional roles? Accounting and Marketing? I’ll leave that one to someone else!

Check out Nicole La's full post on Maintaining Culture and Engagement at a High-Growth Company

A short blurb is included below:


Maintaining Culture and Engagement at a High-Growth Company

By: Nicole La, TEECOM

In October, TEECOM was named to the 2017 San Francisco Business Times’ “Fast100,” the annual list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Bay Area. In an environment full of high-powered Silicon Valley venture-funded startups, we took particular pride in making the list.

As those Silicon Valley startups know, however, growing fast comes with challenges. One in particular that TEECOM has focused on successfully is how to maintain culture and engagement during periods of high growth. In the process, we’ve discovered a lot of tools and techniques that may help other high-growth firms. Here are some of the things we’ve learned about how to maintain culture and more here


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