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Event Recap: MAX Talk

Last week, SMPS CT hosted a MAX Talk – a member favorite! MAX Talks feature inspiring speakers who share their unique perspectives and creative approaches to provoke and excite audiences through 15-minute storytelling sessions, like a TED Talk. Last week's program included stories from Kayla McCause of Dragonfly AEC Consulting, Gail Lebert of Klingberg Family Centers, Ioana Barac of Atelier Cue, and Anne Crowe Kroger of Kroger Grant Consultants. 


The event, held at the Financial Theatre at the Mark Twain House, began with words from the SMPS CT President, Samantha VanShoick, who was followed by the emcee of the evening, George Jacobs. Members from the New Member Social held just before entered the theatre alongside new arrivals. Everyone cozied into their seats. The speaking began, and so did the MAX Talk journey to open and inspire minds. 


Kayla McCause began the Talk with a discussion about how her experience as a scuba-diver compares to that of hers as a marketer; she advised to always have a buddy, never stop breathing, and don't be afraid to drop dead weight both as a scuba-diver 130 feet below and as a marketer in the AEC industry.

Gail Lebert introduced the idea of "energized giving" and spoke on the importance of volunteering to make a difference. She recommended choosing a cause you feel passionate about to ensure you truly remain active and involved.

Ioana Barac argued that ornamentation, or architecturally intergrated art, is a necessity though it is frequently regarded as frivolous; she defined ornamentation as "the inborn human need to seize meaning and connection." Through a case study, she demonstrated how a hand-made piece of ornamentation inspired by human connection inevitably and effortlessly emanated a sense of humanity.

Anne Crowe Kroger shared her experience with loss – loss of her husband, job, and consequently, what felt like her life – and how she used this as leverage for her future happiness and success. She shared her journey of sorrow, grief, and recovery through her travels, and how she was able to build her own consulting firm. 

Each speaker taught the audience something that could be used both personally and professionally, and members left feeling energized, encouraged, and inspired. 



The program ended with an hour of refreshments, networking, and a tour of the Mark Twain House. 

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