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How to Focus in a World of Distraction

Time. The great equalizer. Consider this: We ALL have the exact same amount of hours in a day, days in a week, months in a year as every other human being on the planet…regardless of bank account, profession, years of education or trust fund amount…Yet some of us just seem to “get it all done”… while others languish in a mindset of “if only” …as in – if only I had more time or more help, or more money or fewer distractions all day long…then all would be fine and I would “get it all done”….Right?

Surprisingly …not.

The truth is, no one has any more or less time than anyone else.  How we use and manage and perceive that time is another more salient issue…How and what we let derail us, annoy us, stop us, bother us….is worth noting.

In other words…What we tell ourselves about how we spend and use our time is a good place to begin…. As in asking yourself… Am I an “if only" type person or am I a “Stuff always happens to me” type person?"

As you may sense…one type comes off a bit more like a victim sounding mentality…as in “Things always happen to me!!!!,” while the other approach appears to be more of “oh yeah stuff happens and … I’ll just figure out a way to work around this or that and we will get it done….”  This is a much more proactive, less re-active take on how we view the time we have.

In this 90 minute, interactive workshop, titled: How to focus in a world of distraction you will discover ways of changing how you view and manage your world of distractions and learn a few tips on how to reclaim your brain and find more focus….Oh and we shall obliterate the notion of multi-tasking too with an activity that should once and for all put an end to doing complex tasks at once!

Our distracted brain is not designed to MULTI TASK!

Join Ellen Moriarty, Owner and Executive Coach of Clarion Coaching on November 20, 2019. Click here for more information, pricing, and registration!

Ellen has been a professional in corporate Human Resources for over 20 years, working in a variety of different industries specializing in employee relations. Her focus has always been assisting staff, managers, and executives to grow, stretch and gain confidence through education, experience and... failure!

In 2006 Ellen became a certified life, career and executive coach and launched Clarion Coaching. Ellen's passion is coaching individuals and groups to improve where they are so that they can design personal and professional goals that are realistic, timely and attainable.

Ellen believes firmly in being a partner with a coaching client and recognizes that both parties must work hard to discover motivation, curiosity and opportunities. She often combines humor, self-awareness and a solid belief that each of us has potential to learn, grow and contribute in meaningful ways.

In addition to coaching, Ellen teaches college courses on Emotional Intelligence and offers a wide array of Workshops designed to strengthen the soft skills of managers and staff.

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