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Event Recap: Fireside Chat with Cathy DeFrances Vittorio

Last week, SMPS members gathered for another Fireside Chat – a lighthearted, intimate discussion detailing one's path in the industry and their milestones, defining moments, challenges, and accomplishments. Just in time for the holidays, attendees cozied up next to the fireplace to listen to the speaker of the hour, Cathy DeFrances Vittorio.

Here are 8 takeaways from this year's Fireside Chat (and things you might not have known about Cathy!):

1. She always knew she wanted to be in charge. 
2. She graduated valedictorian from secretarial school.
3. Her first job was as an assistant bookkeeper.
4. She describes her younger self as brave, naive, and lucky.
5. She started her own company at 27.
6. She refers to Fuss & O'Neill as her "happy place."
7. Her favorite SMPS moment was winning the Lifetime Achievement Award.
8. She credits her confidence to the support of her family (and genetics!).

Cathy also offered the following advice:

1. Remember to have fun (this often yields the best results!).
2. Get out of your comfort zone and learn to do something you don't know how to. She says, "the worst thing you can do is fail."
3. Share your great ideas no matter who you are or how intimidated you may feel.
4. Jump at the opportunity to do something even if you don't fully know how to do it.
5. Look at challeneges as adventures. 



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