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Event Recap: Be the Firm Your Client Can't Live Without

February’s “Be the Firm Your Client Can’t Live Without” was a thought-provoking and interactive program designed to help AEC professionals strengthen the relationships and experiences they create. In exploring the true definition of “partnership,” presenters Brent Robertson and Ben Callaghan of future design firm, Fathom, demonstrated how to strategically and successfully approach and establish ideal client partnerships, and the difference between clients seeing your firm as one of many versus the one they couldn’t live without.

Here are five key takeaways from February’s program:

  1. Consider what attributes differentiate your firm from the rest and how those might enhance a client’s experience.
  2. Identify and understand your client’s anticipated future. Incorporate their project vision into your messaging and communications and consider how you can connect to their goals.
  3. Build and prioritize relationships rather than just shipping proposals. Be intentional about the conversations you begin and the relationships you shape.
  4. Make an effort to connect, culturally or operationally, for stronger partnerships. Avoid being seen as a vendor who is “transactional." Vendors are seen as expenses, and people look to minimize expenses.
  5. Navigate your work with purpose and meaning; why do you do what you do? Conclude with commitments – What will you do and when will you do it?


Forging meaningful relationships can strengthen your strategic planning, create opportunities responsive to your business model,  increase profitability, attract new talent to your firm, and ultimately, differentiate you as a service provider.







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