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Statement of Support for #BlackLivesMatter

SMPS Connecticut stands with the black community and those demanding and deserving of social and racial justice. We support the hundreds of thousands of people peacefully protesting for change. As an industry association, it is our responsibility to urge our members to embody a more inclusive and diverse culture. We will not tolerate violence or discrimination of any kind. We are committed to educating, learning from and working with all our members and industry friends to advance and sustain much needed change. Our industry and our world are only great when contributions are counted from all our brothers and sisters, without exceptions.

We invite you to learn more about SMPS Connecticut’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force initiatives and take advantage of the following resources.

High Profile Monthly’s podcast episode, “Creating Spaces for Diversity in the AEC Community” with SMPS CT President-Elect Alicia Washington

SMPS CT blog post, “The Goal of Diversity”

Let’s Talk Race Live Q&A with Danielle Gray of DG Marketing Co. and Courtney Kearney of CKearney Consulting.

Let’s Talk Race Resources



Nichole D. Petersen

2019/2020 SMPS CT President

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