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2019 Win More Work Summit: Breakout Session – Marketing/Proposal Writing Track





Have you registered for SMPS CT's "Win More Work" yet? It's a one-day summit featuring A/E/C thought leaders delivering critical content to position your firm to #winmorework. Participate in an opportunity to polish your presentation skills, promote the seller-doer culture, master RFQ/RFP response preparation, engage with a panel of private clients, and of course, network with attendees and panelists!

SMPS CT's WMW summit will feature a Marketing/Proposal Writing Track as part of its Breakout Sessions. Presenter Matt Handal will share "The Unspoken Truth of Proposal Strategy".

How much of a factor is price? What are owners really asking for in the RFP? How do owners review responses to a solicitation? Is best value really best value?
Even though we’ve submitted many proposals, key questions still seem to linger. In The Unspoken Truth of Proposal Strategy, Matt Handal (Publisher of Proposal Development Secrets and The Magic of Winning Proposals) will help you understand what’s really going on behind the curtains of the procurement game.

He’ll explain why we need to think about proposal strategy differently and detail the six strategy elements that need to be considered in every submission. This presentation includes the “million-dollar question” needed to give your firm an unfair advantage and the best value pricing rule to use whether the procurement is price-sensitive or “wired” for you.

Matt Handal was a marketer submitting boilerplate proposals and materials that were indistinguishable from his competitors'. He had no idea how to convince new clients to buy his firm's services. And worst of all, nobody would listen to him.

One day, he stumbled upon some academic research on how people really make decisions. Since then, he’s helped his firm win large assignments they had little shot at, convinced government clients to give his firm sole source contracts, written one of the most popular books about proposal writing, and people even fly him across the country to teach them how to apply Mind Marketing to their business.

Visit the 2019 SMPS CT WMW Summit Registration page for more information/pricing and to register. The first 20 people to register will receive free parking!

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