Share the Benefits of SMPS

Being a member of SMPS provides many perks and opportunities - now you can also benefit by referring a friend! SMPS is offering the following referall rewards to current members:

  1. As the referrer of someone who joins, you’ll be given credit from SMPS Headquarters in the form of a free 3-month extension of your membership.
  2. For your second successful referral, you’ll be sent a $25 gift card.

If you'd like to join SMPS Connecticut, or recommend a colleague for membership, please reach out to Membership Committee Co-Chairs Ruth Millward  and Cathy DeFrances. They are happy to help you pursue new members and make sure you’re registered to receive the referral rewards you’ve earned.

Don't miss out on all SMPS has to offer. Marketing is about relationships, both professional and social. Constant exposure to peers, clients and referral sources through chapter meetings, regional conferences, national conferences, speaking opportunities, publishing opportunities and serving on committees and boards give you the exposure and opportunity to gather information, build and strengthen business relationships, and gain life-long friends.






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How a Mentor/Protégé Relationship Can Work for You 

By: Kathy Nanowski, CPSM - Director of Marketing & BD, Fuss & O'Neill

Have you thought about finding a mentor to help you navigate through the AEC market? The five key ingredients necessary for a successful mentoring relationship are: exchange of knowledge, mutual respect, clear expectations, personal connections, and shared values.

Protégés join a mentoring program for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for long-term career guidance, while others may just need support with one-time needs. Maybe you just need a connector.  Ideal protégés are enthusiastic, energetic, organized, and focused. People being mentored should be open to feedback and be active listeners. Knowing what you need is the first step; finding the right person is the second.

Good mentors are successful for a reason. They manage their time wisely, often doing multiple things at any given time in order to ensure success. They give protégés insight about setting goals and priorities. Mentors use their personal experience to help their protégés avoid mistakes and learn from good decisions. Most mentors have a network of colleagues and collaborators that could open doors for their protégés, help jump-start their careers, or just explain how the system works.

Mentoring really goes both ways.  When different perspectives come together, this combination of skills can be mutually beneficial. The Mentor Program of SMPS Connecticut is designed to offer members an opportunity to participate in a truly meaningful relationship focused on personal growth and professional development. Please email me if you’re interested in participating as either a Mentor or Protégé. I am confident that you won’t regret it.

Kathy Nanowski, CPSM is the immediate past president of the SMPS Connecticut chapter and the Leadership Committee Chairperson.  If you’re interested in participating as either a Mentor or Protégé, or have any questions abour our program, please reach out to Kathy at


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It's Our 35th Birthday!

Today is SMPS CT’s 35th birthday - on this day in 1982, SMPS CT was officially chartered as the 22nd chapter of SMPS. As part of this monumental occasion, we are starting a blog to share with you all the incredible things our chapter and its members are up to. It’s been a journey filled with achievement and accomplishment for our Connecticut chapter over the past three and a half decades – including recently graduating to a Large Chapter and winning the SMPS Membership Derby at the 2017 Regional Conference. We have grown into an industry-recognized organization known for its top-notch programing and professional development. More importantly, we have become a source of knowledge and career advancement for our members.

Check out the video below to learn more about our recent accomplishments! There’s a lot to celebrate!

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