How to Network at Holiday Parties

It's that time of the year again! Learn five tips from Gilda Bonanno on how to be an effective networker at holiday parties. Gain insight on how to put your best foot forward at any industry party.

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About Gilda Bonanno:

Gilda Bonanno helps you transform your communication, presentation and leadership skills so you can have more confidence, influence and success. She has worked with leading organizations, including GE, Travelers, Praxair, Assa Abloy, Wells Fargo and Yale University, on four continents from Chicago to Shanghai and Rio to Rome.Since 2006, Gilda has delivered thousands of in-person programs, her YouTube channel has received over 1 million views and her digital newsletter has reached subscribers in over 45 countries since 2008.

Gilda has a proven track record of partnering for results with people in a variety of industries and at all organizational levels, from C-level executives to sales teams to frontline managers.  She collaborates with them to help them lead more effectively, communicate more clearly and create and deliver more powerful and engaging presentations so they get results.

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2018 Call for MAX Talk Speakers Open

SMPS Connecticut is excited to announce our Call for Submissions for the 2018 SMPS CT MAX Talks! Download the Call here. The deadline to submit your presentation idea is January 19, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

If you missed last year’s SMPS CT MAX Talks, you missed out! But luckily, thanks to our in-kind sponsor Geomatrix Productions, we have beautifully produced video of each of our three MAX presenters on our Vimeo channel.

Having a professionally edited video to add to your portfolio is just one of the benefits to being selected as a MAX presenter: MAX speakers will also have the benefit of professional presentation coaching provided by Gilda Bonnano LLC, as well as have the opportunity to be seen as a thought leader in the industry and bring more awareness to a cause or idea.

What is MAX?

MAX events are creative programs, centered on short-form sessions meant to be a showcase for speakers exchanging great, well-formed, marketing-led ideas and inspiration, through storytelling, presentations, and media.

Why 15 minutes?

The MAX model of short storytelling sessions works in part because it captures an audience for a short period of time and inherently encourages focus and concentration. We place an approximate time of 15 minutes on MAX sessions, so that we can keep a tight, predictable schedule in the line-up of MAX sessions.

What is a great, well-formed story or idea?

A great story is more than a report and a great idea is more than a list of facts. Great stories and ideas take specific evidence or observations and present a larger conclusion for the audience. We are looking for great stories and ideas that challenge our thought process, that make us reimagine norms, provoke us to make changes, ignite our creative engines, and inspire us to think differently.

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