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We've scoured the web so that you don't have to - check out the best marketing articles November had to offer: 

1. Architectural Photography: Cheapest Price Doesn't Always Win & Why

2. 14 Examples of Bad Bid Decisions and How They are Killing Your Win Rate

3. 18 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

4. An Eight-Step Guide to Building Your Marketing Budget 

5. Seven Ways to get the Most out of a Client Satisfaction Survey

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Event Management and Birthday Bash Program

There was an atmosphere of celebration at our November 15th program - SMPS Connecticut members and guests not only learned the latest event management tips and tricks but also celebrated SMPS Connecticut’s 35th birthday. The event took place at Real Art Ways in Hartford, Connecticut. Real Art Ways is an alternative multidisciplinary arts organization that presents and supports contemporary artists. The venue provided the perfect space for our attendees and panelists to mingle and discuss the ins-and-outs of event management.

SMPS Connecticut President, Sharon Pomeroy, kicked-off the event sharing the chapter’s history, including its origins as the Southern New England chapter, and its journey to becoming the SMPS Connecticut chapter we know today.  Sharon took the time to recognize the contributions of past presidents to our chapter's success. Past presidents in attendance included (left to right) Theresa Casey, Maria Loitz, Jim Bancroft, Cathy DeFrances, and Geryl Rose. 

Our panel included three event management experts: Amanda Mueller, Senior Vice President, Cashman + Katz Integrated Communications; Danielle Casey, Director of Corporate Sales & Catering, Present Company; and Lindsey Burke, Marketing Specialist, SystemOne. The panelists shared horror stories of missing equipment and late vendors. The panelists agreed that it's important to always have a plan b - whether that's an emergency kit you always keep in your car or an extra tradeshow banner you keep in your suitcase. Danielle Casey stressed the importance of keeping a checklist and assigning responsibilities to keep your team focused and on track. Our attendees questioned the value of new technologies and electronic media. Lindsey Burke shared her experience that the latest technologies, such as SnapChat filters, don't always provide the best return on investment and that sometimes going back to the basics is the best way to go.

After the panel, the birthday celebrations began. Everyone was treated to birthday cupcakes and t-shirts as our guests mingled and explored the venue.  As part of our celebrations we raffled off a free annual membership - this awesome prize went to Cathie Reese of Geomatrix Productions, Inc. - congratulations Cathie!



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2018 Call for MAX Talk Speakers Open

SMPS Connecticut is excited to announce our Call for Submissions for the 2018 SMPS CT MAX Talks! Download the Call here. The deadline to submit your presentation idea is January 19, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

If you missed last year’s SMPS CT MAX Talks, you missed out! But luckily, thanks to our in-kind sponsor Geomatrix Productions, we have beautifully produced video of each of our three MAX presenters on our Vimeo channel.

Having a professionally edited video to add to your portfolio is just one of the benefits to being selected as a MAX presenter: MAX speakers will also have the benefit of professional presentation coaching provided by Gilda Bonnano LLC, as well as have the opportunity to be seen as a thought leader in the industry and bring more awareness to a cause or idea.

What is MAX?

MAX events are creative programs, centered on short-form sessions meant to be a showcase for speakers exchanging great, well-formed, marketing-led ideas and inspiration, through storytelling, presentations, and media.

Why 15 minutes?

The MAX model of short storytelling sessions works in part because it captures an audience for a short period of time and inherently encourages focus and concentration. We place an approximate time of 15 minutes on MAX sessions, so that we can keep a tight, predictable schedule in the line-up of MAX sessions.

What is a great, well-formed story or idea?

A great story is more than a report and a great idea is more than a list of facts. Great stories and ideas take specific evidence or observations and present a larger conclusion for the audience. We are looking for great stories and ideas that challenge our thought process, that make us reimagine norms, provoke us to make changes, ignite our creative engines, and inspire us to think differently.

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